Engineers Without Borders’ first 5k fundraiser exceeds expectations

On Saturday, 64 people ran a 5k course that looped around the Utah State University campus twice to show their support for Engineers Without Borders. The organization arranged the 5k to raise money for its upcoming humanitarian trips this summer, including building alpaca shelters in Peru and installing water filters in Mexico. This is the first time EWB has organized a 5k as their annual fundraiser.

“Originally I didn't think we would get as many sponsorships and that we would get more people,” said Conner Simmons, a EWB member who organized the event. “As I got planning it, I quickly learned that getting 50 people there was going to be a task.”

The fun run proved to be a successful fundraiser in the end, although the lack of initial interest discouraged the board members.
“Five days before registration closed we had only six people signed up,” Simmons said. “64 people ended up running, which exceeded our expectations.”

EWB was gifted with 10 different prizes from generous donors, including gift cards to S.E. Needham, the Silver Pickle, Gold’s Gym and Macey’s. Water was also donated by Culligan.
“It was a bit funny that we ended up with a lot of jewelry donations this year,” said Laurie McNeill, EWB club mentor. “Those were the first prizes to get chosen by the winners, so they ended up being a popular prize.”

Board members of EWB are grateful to all participants and donors, and are excited to have found a method of fundraising that works well.
“We’ve had so many ideas just flop,” Simmons said. “We think we have found something good. Next year we will probably lower prices and pursue more sponsorships.”

After all expenses were withdrawn, the 5k raised a total of almost $2,400.


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