EWB to host 5k Fundraiser

This year, the Utah State University chapter of Engineers Without Borders will be hosting a 5k on April 10 as its annual fundraiser. Heading the 5k is club member Conner Simmons, who answered a few questions to raise awareness about the event.

-What is your official title/involvement with EWB?
 I am the fundraising coordinator. I am a member of the Peru team, but do fundraising for the whole club.

 -Is this the first 5K that the EWB has done as a fundraiser?
 If so, why did you choose it? If not, how is it different? 
This is our inaugural 5K event. We have had so many different fundraising ideas over the past and most have failed. We decided we wanted something that we could get going and repeat for years to come. We chose it because EWB-USA Mountain Region has set up a guidebook for us to follow. Arizona State University did one a few years back and they did a great job. We are using them as an example to make this event a success.

-How much money do you hope to raise? 
We hope to make $2,000 to $-3,000 dollars this year. This includes money from sponsors and entry fees. It costs $15 per person. We hope we can make more in years to come as we get the event’s name out there.

 -Where exactly is the money going? 
It goes to our club's account, which covers all our costs from building prototypes to traveling down to Peru and Mexico to implement water filters and alpaca shelters.

 -Any additional information you want to provide? Invite everyone you know to the event!! 

 For more information on the club and to register, go to 



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