Member Spotlight: Nathan Stacey

New member spotlight: Nathan Stacey

This week we are spotlighting one of EWB’s newest members, Nathan Stacey. He will be discussing why he joined EWB, the importance of the club and why others should join.

Q: Where are you from? Why did you choose USU?
A: I am from Idaho Falls, Idaho. I chose USU because they have a really good engineering program, I got offered a scholarship, and it’s close to home.
Q:  How did you hear about EWB and why did you join the club?
A: Over the summer I did an internship with the U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Reclamation. One of the other interns in the program was Anellise Reynolds, who was the previous EWB USU Mexico Team Lead. She talked to me about EWB and encouraged me to come to the team meetings once school started up again.
Q: What year in school are you and what is your major? What made you want to go into that field?
A: I’m a Junior in the Mechanical and Aerospace program. I’ve always loved space and thought that it would be exciting to work with NASA or some private company on space shuttles or satellites.
Q: What are your plans after graduation?
A: After graduating I plan on pursuing a master’s at Utah State in Aerospace Engineering. After that I aspire to receive a PhD at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Then I plan to work doing aerospace research.
Q: What is your dream job and why?
A: My dream job would be to do research for SpaceX. They are an innovative company striving to further our space travel abilities. It would be exciting to work with them on cutting-edge space technologies.
Q: What are some of your favorite memories from being a part of EWB?
A: My favorite memory from EWB so far was working with the Mexico Team to build a biosand filter during a workshop. It was great to see how well the event was organized and how well the team worked together. It was also the first time that I had actually seen a biosand filter being built. I learned a lot and got to know the members of the team a lot better.
Q: Why is EWB such an important and influential group?
A: EWB helps provide people around the world with their basic needs. It gives students the opportunity to apply the things they are learning in school to real life problems that have a huge impact on the communities they are working with.

Q: What have you learned from being a part of EWB that will continue to help you after graduation?
A: It has deepened my desire to use the skills and abilities that I am learning in school to help others. It has helped me learn that career satisfaction comes a lot from being able to help others through my work. It has also taught me a lot about working with others and communication.

Q: Where do you see the club in a few years and how can it be improved?
A: I think that there will be even more participation and support from the USU College of Engineering as students continue to become more aware of the projects we are working on and the impact that they have on others’ lives.

Q: Why should people join EWB?
A: When entering the workforce employers look not only for good grades, but also for experience. EWB gives students the chance to have real design and leadership experience. It also provides them with the opportunity to help others and make new friendships.

Q: If you had a pet alpaca, what would you name it?
A: If I had a pet alpaca I would name it Harry. Because it’s hairy...

Interested in joining EWB-USU? Attend a weekly team meeting or go to for more information.


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