Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Domestic Team Preview

USU Engineers Without Borders has a new team that deals with projects here in the United States Darianne Willey is the team leader and below she explains what the new domestic team is all about.



      "Engineers Without Borders has recently opened up the domestic program in which teams can work with underserved communities in the US. Most prospective projects are with Native American reservations. We are exploring a potential project in southern Utah, where there may be arsenic issues on a Navajo Reservation."



                          “Being involved with a domestic team means that 
            students can help their fellow citizens attain the basic 
            things that we all take for granted. It’s easy to 
            understand that there are impoverished people in other countries that need help, but rarely do we realize that communities in our country need this help too. 
            These new projects allow us to make our country a 
            better one."



    “For students that choose to join, they will find that travel costs are cheaper, and travel opportunities may be more frequent.”



   “We are very excited to get this team rolling and sincerely welcome anyone, engineer or   not, to join.”

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

What did out Peru Team do last summer? Lucas Smith, leader of the team, describes what they did and how things went below.


 “The EWB Peru team had a great year. We finished design and testing of our alpaca shelter and were able to travel last May to help build and to teach the community how to build the first one.”

“So far feedback from the community high in the Andes Mountains has been positive so plans are being made to help them build more.”

 “We have also started to work on water purification and distribution in a community in the same area as well as processes for them to use in dealing with the byproducts from their cheese production.”

Monday, February 8, 2016

Have you wondered what USU Engineers Without Borders did last summer? How about what we are planning for this summer? You’re in luck! Below we have all the answers.

Alan Hodges is the team leader of the USU EWB Mexico Team. He explained a little bit about what he and his team did last summer for the project in La Salitrera, Mexico.

“In order to address the arsenic and bacteria contamination in the water supply in the community of La Salitrera, Mexico, six students, a faculty member and a professional engineer  traveled to Mexico and constructed 6 biosand filters and monitored the previously built biosand filters.”

“Water quality testing during the trip highlighted the efficacy of the filters when used correctly. Arsenic in the filter effluent was consistently found below the WHO recommendation of 10 ppb. Additionally, all correctly used filters showed a reduction of coliform units.”

Hodges said the Mexico Team will be improving the water supply system and working with the local community in the summer of 2016.
             “Moving forward the team is designing improvements to the current water supply system found in La Salitrera. We will be traveling to Mexico in the summer of 2016 to assess these systems for future construction.”

 “Additionally, the team has been actively involved in outreach among the local community, teaching children about global water issues and the practice of engineering.”

“Finally, the Mexico team has been performing member development by organizing workshops to teach members Spanish, GIS, surveying and many other skills.”


Our new domestic team!

Engineers Without Borders at Utah State University (EWB-USU) has long helped villagers in Mexico and Peru, but a new domestic team is start...