5K information

Do you want to help support EWB-USU’s trips to Peru and Mexico? Do you want to exercise? Do you want a sweet t-shirt? Read below as Chris Eastman lets you know all the information about the 5K.

                                                     “On April 9th at 9:00 am the USU Engineers Without Borders Club will be hosting its annual 5K fundraiser. Last year the club put on our first 5k and it was a big success. We had a group of great sponsors and over participants so we decided to make it an annual event.”
 “In the next few weeks there will be a signup page on our website ewb.usu.edu (Links to an external site.)
The race tickets will cost $10       and include one of our wonderful EWB T-shirts.”                                                                                             “All proceeds from this event will go to supporting our clubs’ projects in Mexico and Peru. This spring two teams of engineering students and professors will be traveling to our communities to implement projects that will help aid economic development and provide clean sustainable water.”  
    “We are very excited to see the fruition of all our hard work being used to help those in need. Fundraising is a vital part of that process.”                                                                        



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