Sarah Baldwin

Get to know EWB-USU outreach coordinator and team member, Sarah Baldwin, in this interview below!
What is your position with EWB-USU?
Sarah: I am the outreach coordinator. In the past I was also the Peru team lead.
How long have you been in the club?
Sarah: I joined the club fall 2013, so about 2.5 years.
What has been your favorite of EWB-USU?
Sarah: I really enjoyed starting a project and seeing it through completion. It was very rewarding to travel to Peru and see something that we had worked so long on, be implemented in the community to help improve their lives.
Why did you join?
Sarah: I wanted to be involved in a club that did something meaningful. There were quite a few clubs for engineers, but I felt like EWB had a very meaningful purpose.
What upcoming events are you excited for?
Sarah: Both teams should be traveling this year (which is exciting). And the upcoming 5k should be good. Chris has been working hard to make it a success, and it is one of those events that helps the teams to travel.
Why should someone join EWB-USU?
Sarah: Because the group is fun and the work is rewarding.


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