Karl Christensen

Get to know Assistant Peru Team Lead Karl Christensen in this interview below!

What is your position with the club?

Karl: Assistant Team Lead for the Peru Team, with a focus on our help with the Water Projects in Tuni Grande, Peru.

How long have you been a member?

Karl: 5 Months

Why did you initially join EWB-USU?

Karl: I read a report on one of their past projects and found that it lined up with my focus of Hydrology in Civil Engineering. I was intrigued by the problems that they were trying to solve and realized that I could learn a lot by getting involved.  The Project leads welcomed my enthusiasm and helped me realize that I could make a difference by attending.

What has been your favorite thing so far in EWB-USU?
Karl: My favorite part of USU-EWB is the club’s ability to let students guide the research and projects that we do. EWB is given communities to look after instead of pre-determined tasks. It requires team work, networking, engineering, and  host of other skills to tackle the problems we find. By the time we work through a project, we have a better understanding of what actual engineers will have to face.

What are upcoming events are you excited for?

Karl: This summer I will be traveling with the Peru team to follow up on last year’s implementation of Alpaca shelters. I’m excited to see the impact that our past projects have had and to meet the people there. Hopefully we can ensure our past work and find new projects to work on in the coming years.

Why should somebody join?
Karl: This club has helped me meet new people and to give my studying more purpose. Any student could find a place on the EWB team if they are excited about serving others.  Being involved with EWB will not only improve your time as a student but will have a direct impact on many lives around the world.


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