Celeste Hancock

Would you like to get involved in some of the EWB-USU workshops? Meet Celeste Hancock, the workshop coordinator and fellow EWB-USU member!
What is your position with EWB-USU?
Celeste-I am a team member on the Mexico team and I serve as the workshop coordinator for both teams.
How long have you been in the club?
Celeste- I have been in the club since September, so about seven months.
What has been your favorite of EWB-USU?
Celeste- My favorite part of EWB has been feeling like I am part of something meaningful. The work that gets done in the club directly benefits our friends in Mexico and Peru.
Why did you join?
Celeste- I joined because I wanted to have some part of my life not being dedicated to school and EWB seemed like a great choice. Also, they gave me pizza at the opening meeting.
Why should someone join EWB-USU?
Celeste- EWB is a great way to apply your education to a great cause. There are lots of opportunities to get involved and meet awesome people. Also, we usually have some pretty great treats.
What workshops are coming up and what will they involve?
Celeste- We have two workshops coming up. The first is a water quality workshop. One of our advisers will be instructing us on proper sampling methods and water quality analysis on April 16 at 11:00 am. There will also be numerous student presentations on water purification. The second workshop is our semi-weekly Spanish workshop. Here, students of all Spanish speaking levels come to teach and learn together. Two amazing native Spanish speakers are there to teach basic Spanish grammar and vocabulary. And if truth be known, we often end with a good game of Spanish bingo. We are planning on having the next workshop on April 23 at 11:00 am.


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