​International work, changing local lives.

In the two years that Dane Denison has worked with Utah State University’s chapter of Engineers Without Borders (EWB), he’s coordinated several outreach programs, fundraisers, and redesigned a 20,000 liter tank into a 30,000 liter tank for impoverished communities. This kind of world-changing work is what keeps the chapter vice president motivated.

EWB is an international organization that provides engineers the opportunity to reach out to different communities to improve their living circumstances. There are more than 200 university chapters in the United States, and Utah State University is one of them.

Dane Denison is the Vice President of the USU student chapter of EWB, and has been involved in the program for two years.

“EWB provides real experience and lets me serve others by using what I've learned in school.” Denison said.

Members of this student chapter use skills they’ve acquired in their degrees that enable them to work with communities in Peru and Mexico.
“I've got a great team this year to help me with the project,” he said.   

Denison and his team will be working closely with communities in Mexico this coming year in preparation for next summer’s trip abroad.

“I'm really looking forward toward accomplishing this project and seeing it come to life,” said Denison.

For more information about how to get involved with USU-EWB, visit http://ewb.usu.edu.


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