Community Night 2017

Community Night is a huge part of Engineers Week. Our whole college comes together to present activities to their friends, family and the whole community. There's something for everyone.

This year we had drones of all sizes, small remote controlled robots, and a soldering station. Children and adults could enjoy a zorba (a human hamster ball!), making paper airplanes, and competing in small scale derby car races (think hot wheels tracks).

For those who wanted to get crafty, there were stations to build towers, catapults, and coloring areas.

One of the most intriguing booths was the transgenic baby goats. These goats are genetically modified to produce spider silk protein in their milk. You can read more about them here:

Plus, EWB-USU's booth had members from our Mexico and our Peru team to answer questions about our past and current projects and help others get involved. In addition to a large scale alpaca shelter, there was a mini one on display. We also had a sample water filter and posters explaining our projects, designs, and research.
Large scale alpaca shelter

EWB-USU's booth


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