Meet Outreach Coordinator Amanda Stoudt

Engineers Without Borders (EWB) at USU is full of a diverse group of people, one of which is Outreach Coordinator Amanda Stoudt. In October of 2015, Amanda was able to juggle track and cross country meetings with EWB-USU meetings. A great number of her friends were on the Mexico team, and her desire to join was growing stronger with each conversation. Once her track meetings and EWB-USU meetings stopped coinciding, she went once and was hooked.

Amanda (middle) at Science Unwrapped.
One of the things she loves the most is community service -which is one of EWB-USU’s biggest aspects. Amanda started going to Science Unwrapped, an event the College of Science puts on once a month, because in order to travel, she had to have four hours of community outreach. By combining her involvement with Science Unwrapped and her love of community service, Amanda jumped at the opportunity to become the Outreach Coordinator once the EWB board position became available.  

 Amanda was able to travel to Mexico summer 2016. The EWB-USU Mexico team focuses on providing water to small villages. On her trip, she evaluated the area for the possibility of building a large water tank or hooking up small Coca-Cola tanks to one distribution line.
Amanda (left) holds a wire fence to be cut in Mexico.
Mexico was life changing for Amanda. She encountered a number of people who didn’t have a bathroom or a conventional shower. “They go their whole life without a bathroom. They just take bucket showers all the time, and it’s just like, “wow,” we have so much here to be thankful for and we don’t even really think about how other people live,”Amanda said. She loves being able to share her ability to give others access to clean water.
Amanda (third from the left) with her Mexico team.
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