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EWB 2016 Team

Who is EWB-USU?

Engineers Without Borders Utah State University (EWB-USU) gives students real world experiences and the ability to implement their own engineering projects, all while helping out those in impoverished communities. Students learn how to work as a team, test their engineering knowledge, and solve humanitarian problems.

What do we do?
EWB with Peruvian Farmers
From building alpaca shelters in Peru to providing Mexican villagers with clean water, EWB-USU is dedicated to solving humanitarian problems. In La Salitrera, a small farming village in Mexico, access to clean water has been an issue for the community. EWB-USU has been working with the villagers since 2009 to give them a way to filter the contaminated water. La Union is a small agricultural village in Peru and every year when the temperature drops, many of their alpacas and sheep die from the cold. Starting in 2013, EWB-USU has worked with the farmers to design and build shelters for the animals in order to combat that problem.

But EWB-USU is not limited to helping communities worldwide. EWB-USU participates in many local outreach activities, including Science Unwrapped, a series of events the College of Science hosts -that combine lecture and quick scientific activities designed for children. The goal is to get children excited about science and engineering.

How can you help?
You don’t have to be an engineer to help out. The club is entirely made up of volunteers and EWB-USU encourages people from all backgrounds to bring their skills to help others.

Because we are an all volunteer club, we rely heavily on donations. Donations are used to purchase materials needed to implement projects and may be used to cover travel costs of our student volunteers. Donations can be made online or by mail, or (perhaps the most fun way) through our annual 5k Run! Our next 5k will be April 22, 2017.

2016 5k runners
If you are interested in volunteering, donating or just want to learn more about EWB-USU please see our webpage or contact our chapter advisor, Laurie McNeill at


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