Our new domestic team!

Engineers Without Borders at Utah State University (EWB-USU) has long helped villagers in Mexico and Peru, but a new domestic team is starting up to help the Navajo Nation. Team leader D Willey first got the idea to start the new team at an EWB conference in 2015. Willey said she had been "mulling over the thought that as very privileged Americans we seem to focus a lot on aiding other countries, without taking into account that we are not all equally privileged in this country and there are still a lot of people here that get left behind."

Gold King Mine Spill
EWB-USU was up for the challenge of starting a new team. One of their potential project ideas was cleaning up the water damaged by the Gold King Mine Spill in Colorado. EWB-USU has had a lot of experience in cleaning up water internationally. (Read about what they did in Mexico here) But as they were researching the issues and potential solutions, they came into contact with an engineer working in Navajo Mountain, a small community south of Lake Powell in Utah, and decided that's where their project would take place.
Fire on Navajo Mountain

The people of Navajo Mountain got their cooking water from a spring on the mountain, but after a wildfire caused erosion and sediment into the pipeline, the spring was abandoned. The community developed a separate pipeline to transport water from a near by community. Unfortunately, there is not enough of this water to support farming and livestock. Residents had to drive hundreds of miles a week to get water for their crops and animals, which made farming uneconomical. EWB-USU wants to repair the pipeline delivering water from the spring and install a settling pond to improve the water quality so that it can be used for farming.

If you are interested in helping out with this project meetings are held every Monday at 5:00 in SANT 305 or you can email Willey and her team at ewbdomestic.usu@gmail.com

Everyone is invited! There is no engineering requirement to help out!
2015 EWB team


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