Did you celebrate National S.T.E.M. Day?

Thursday was National S.T.E.M. Day in the United States. S.T.E.M. is an acronym for the studies of science, technology, engineering (our personal favorite), and mathematics. Young people all across the country celebrated on Thursday by building models of bridges, solving challenging math equations, and constructing classic volcanoes that shoot baking soda and vinegar out of the top.

As a club of engineers, we celebrate those disciplines every day. From sketching out designs for wells to building models of alpaca shelters, we deal with science on every project. We even put technology and engineering into efforts to help communities around us by testing water filtration systems. Needless to say, we love S.T.E.M.!

We also want you to know that you can celebrate the sciences every day, too! It doesn't take much participate in the sciences on a regular basis. There are hundreds of experiments you can do with S.T.E.M. lovers of all ages and ability. We believe it's important for people of all ages to participate in S.T.E.M. and what better way than to join a club like EWB? Let us know in the comments how you celebrated one of our favorite holidays.


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