EWB's 2018 Peru Trip

The USU EWB Peru team has been working on building shelters for alpacas in Peru for five years now. As the climate gets colder in Peru, alpacas that the community uses for their main source of income can become ill. Infant mortality rate increases in newborn alpacas during the colder months and if too many alpacas do not make it to adulthood, the community can be heavily impacted. The improvements to the shelters the Peru team worked on during their assessment trip for the community have already helped immensely and the infant mortality rate in the alpacas there has dropped since their construction.

During their assessment trip earlier this year, the Peru team helped assess the costs of the shelters and spent time with the community in the La Union area. The team’s main focus was addressing some of the concerns the community had with the shelters. One of those concerns was that the shelters were not very portable and not easy to set up and take down quickly. The team was able to address the community’s concerns and now, according to the team’s post trip report, infant alpaca survival rate in the community’s herd is now between 90-95%.

Both the advisers and volunteers that worked on the trip had an amazing time on the trip! They loved being able to connect with the community members and learning from their culture. We hope to travel back soon!


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