5 study tips to help you through finals week

With finals and the holidays coming up, it can be the most stressful time of the year. We want to help you take some stress off of your plate by giving you five study tips to help you get through finals and get some new perspectives on studying methods.

Make a to-do list
When you're organized, your life becomes so much more simple. A to-do list will keep you organized, ensure you aren't forgetting that small assignment you might have overlooked and there is a rush of satisfaction when you cross something off of it.

Take regular breaks
Studying for hours on end with your head in the books or looking at a computer screen can actually be detrimental to your focus and productivity. To alleviate that, take a short break for every hour that you study. A great break is a brief walk outside. It gives you that burst of fresh air and improves the blood flow throughout your body.

Stay hydrated
One of the biggest factors of losing focus while studying for long amounts of time is your body not having enough water in it. By keeping hydrated, you're giving your body the fuel it needs to keep running properly. Also, don' forget some healthy snacks!

Put your phone in a different room
Let's face it. Cell phones and social media are a key contributor to breaks in focus. They can be very distracting, so eliminating those distractions will help your overall focus improve immensely.

Make a mantra
Mantras are usually found in yoga, but what are they? In its simplest form, a mantra is a repeated phrase meant to empower the individual. By saying something confident and clear repeatedly, your brain will respond in amazing ways. If you tell yourself enough times that you're going to pass that test and study hard, you will get the results you want.


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